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Regal-Raptor Design – we have designed, developed and patented over 70% of our own parts. We control and protect our own patents and look after our clients in our own special way. These measures are highly appreciated. Our mission is to design with passion unique and desirable motorcycles.

Regal Raptor Motor- 250cc air cooled, and 350cc water cooled , twin cylinder, 4 stroke engines are the most superior in China. Control of production is one of our greatest strengths. We have our own aluminum casting facility enabling us to fully manufacture components such as crankcases and cylinder heads. We have our own steel tube processing plant where we manufacture chasis, handle bars, rear carriers and accessories. we have our own steel pressing plant where we manufacture fuel tanks, fenders and other deep pressed components. To complete the motorcycles, we have our own engine and motorcycle assembly lines.

We are continually expanding our product range, increasing our in-house manufactures capabilities and constantly modernizing our machinery.

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Address:No.26, ChangJiang Road, Jiashan , Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China
Postcode: 314100
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