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The story of REGAL RAPTOR

After many years of loving custom chopper, in the year of 1990, Mr. Horse Zhang, the owner of LIFENG GROUP CO., LTD and also who has been fond of horse sport since when he was young, has invited a friend of one stable from Australia to design one logo of REGAL RAPTOR. There the meaning of Chopper King was being brought into this logo REGAL RAPTOR that afterwards became world famous shortly.

Time goes back to the year of 1989, Mr. Horse Zhang has already achieved great success in the industry of motorcycle parts-handle grips, at that moment, 1/4 motorcycle handle grips in China were produced and supplied directly from his company. But, Mr. Horse Zhang, possessing a more adventurous personality, he thought his life wasn’t exactly a full of passion, then his sporting blood tempered him to ride a big motorcycle from Luoyang city located in the northern China back to his home town-Wenzhou.

It was a fantastic activity at that time because of so long distance between two cities-1600km, and nobody has done this kind trip before, either. Then this long trip began… several days later and after such a long and arduous journey, Mr. Horse Zhang arrived at one high mountain and stopped, felt extremely exhausted, at that moment, a breeze suddenly sprang up, then he looked up ahead in the distance, a flying RAPTOR into his eyes, immediately all his fatigues has disappeared, he just got refreshed and excited as well.  In the next couple of days, he made it to Wenzhou with a great success.

After that fantastic trip, Mr. Horse Zhang believed that he was like RAPTOR flying in the sky, would never give up and fond of adventurous. Therefore, never giving up and undefeated spirit eventually led to the formation of REGAL RAPTOR motorcycles. 

1998, become the pioneer in Chopper model motorcycles in China

1999, launched the first 250CC, two cylinders and water cooling engine in China

2003, launched the first Cruiser model motorcycles in China

2009, 800cc engine successfully was developed


We believe in the future, REGAL RAPTOR will lead the trend motorcycles industry again and again…



The brand of REGAL RAPTOR

The raptor as the main logo image and text elements with the shield to form an overall fram ework.

Outstretched wings symbolizes the maneuvering of driving pleasure. Turning his head right shows confidence, hope and peace. The shield symbolizes the strong fighting strength and vitality.


The raptor aims at the highest.

He says, never give up.

Fond of vast adventures.

Gazing at the world below him,

he is above all the strength of a prince.

Regal-Raptor, the strongest in the strong.


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